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Year of Deliverance: 2014 Prophecies from Dr. D.K Olukoya of MFM


Dr. D.K Olukoya, of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, had said that 2014 will be a PASSOVER YEAR, according to Exodus 12:21-31.

He released ‘30 things that would characterise year 2014 nationally and globally’ to members at the church’s cross-over service.

“2014: Our Year of Extraordinary Deliverance and Advancement”

[1] A year of great revival. (Those who can’t stand it or hinder it shall be “MOVED!”).

[2] A year of many questions but very scanty answers (Coded).

[3] A year when strong prayers would be needed to destroy so many strange powers at the entry points of nations.

[4] A year of Deliverance from great afflictions and bondages (A Year of Freedom).

[5] A year of MONUMENTAL FAILURE for those who trust in occult, fetish or magic powers.

[6] A year of uncommon salvation from sin. Many people surprisingly would give their lives to Jesus

[7] A year of new born babies, many barren would smile with testimony of fruitfulness.

[8] A year of wonders and mysteries.

[9] A year of very intensive angelic traffic and visitations.

[10] A year for prophetic dreamers (There are 14 major dreamers in the Bible… pay close attention to your dreams, many will be saved through angelic encounter in dreams).

[11] A year when God will raise up women with prophetic voices for the nations.

[12] A year of awesome restorations.

[13] A year of both positive and negative things (depending on which side of God you stand).

[14] A year of conflict of altars (There are 14 altar-builders in the Bible).

[15] A year of escalation of many conflicts.

[16] A year of scary wars.

[17] A year when strong prayers would be needed to keep a lot of companies from going bankrupt.

[18] A year when prayers would be needed against earthquakes and famine.

[19] A year when so many people would be POSITIONED for great achievements.

[20] A year of marine madness that is greater than last year.

[21] A year when kidnappers and occult and magical merchants shall fail.

[22] This shall be a very tough year for many political leaders who don’t stand strong with God.

[23] A year when ‘traders’ shall be chased out of the temple of God.

[24] A year where all First-borns must have a rugged determination to be spiritually serious in order to avoid being wasted.

[25] A year in which strange hands will compete for many national flags and sabotage them.

[26] A year deliverance from violent storms both in the spiritual, financial and physical realm.

[27] A year of uncommon healings.

[28] A year of total freedom from sorrow for those who cry unto God.

[29] A year when caging powers shall lose their detention powers.

[30] For the righteous, the mad opposition against you shall become powerless.



[1] You Must Carry The Divine Presence.

[2] You Need Divine Power To Manifest.

[3] You Need Divine Protection To Envelope You.

[4] You Need Divine Provision To Showcase.

[5] You Must Know The Divine Purpose Of God Before Embarking On Anything.

[6] You Need Divine Positioning To Claim The Blessings Of God In 2014

[7] You Need To Pray For Divine Promotion As Proof Of God’s Faithfulness In Your Life In 2014.

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